A Christmas Carol

Important Info
Audition Dates: October 1 & 2, Friday and Saturday
Performances: December 9, 10, 11 & 12 2021 at CFC Madrid
Rehearsal times: Starting October 29, Friday evenings, Saturday morning & afternoon at CFC Madrid
Production week: Rehearsals every night at CFC Madrid (December 6 through 12)

October 1, Friday evening:

Children aged 6yr-12yr


Bring a song to sing, preferably with music

October 2, Saturday morning/afternoon:

Adult 13yr-99yr


Vocal and acting: Bring a song to sing, preferably with music

October 2, Saturday evening:

Dancers 15yr-60yr


Wear clothing appropriate for dance

The cast size is limited. Please don’t feel that if you aren’t asked to participate in ACC that it is a reflection on your talent or abilities. Many things are considered when casting a show. We are looking for a certain number of people of varying heights and sizes, ages, and vocal ranges. We cannot have all tenors with no basses, neither can we have all older with no middle age, etc. So please understand that all of that is taken into consideration as we build a cast!

At the bottom of this form, there is a place to indicate ongoing interest in The Arts Program and other upcoming projects. If you indicate ongoing interest, your audition info will be put in a folder for consideration in casting future shows! Be sure to check YES if that is of interest to you! We would love to have you on the team!

Another option for participation: there will be a place on your form to indicate interest in helping in other aspects of the production (and future productions) such as: box office, prop help, set design/construction/painting, backstage crew, costume prep and backstage costume team, front of the house management (greeting, ushering, concessions, etc.), lighting team, sound team, pit orchestra, etc. There are so many essential and significant ways to help produce an excellent show!

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