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It requires a whole crew of people to help make the magic happen on the stage. This crew is very important and we value the importance to the production. 

Requirements: Being able to move quickly, move heavy items/sets, and stay focused the entire show.


There are many details that provide the impact a show has on an audience. One of them is certainly props. Bowls, cups, fairy wand, chest of gold, etc. And we love having someone who is ready to help find these items, take care of them, and help return them after the show!

Requirements: Be willing to come to some practices and also help clean up during strike.


Who makes the actors look and sound their best? These technicians play a vital role in modern theater productions. 

Requirements: minimal knowledge of sound or lighting technology is a benefit to learning this quickly. But not a requirement. We will train you!


What better way to utilize your musical talent than by helping with playing in an orchestra? We are always looking for people who might be willing to spend some time bring the music to life for our shows! Bass, piano, percussion, oboe -- we would love to hear from you!

Requirements: Read music and be proficient at playing an instrument.


What is the first thing the audience sees when they come to see a production? The front of the house. (Also known as the lobby or ticket booth!)
Concessions, tickets, green room, ushering, and security are needed to be sure things run smoothly all around. 

Requirements: Be ready to help!


Envisioning and creating something that you see in your mind is a beautiful and wonderful talent. Researching historically accurate attire, dreaming up new ways to bring characters to life, and sewing and hemming and tailoring are a major part of making a production a wonderful experience. 

Requirements: basic sewing skills needed

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