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We hope to address all questions you may have about some new changes to the dance program and scheduling for quad classes. Please let us know if you have any other questions:

What is the age range for each class?

Ages will always be listed on the individual classes, but here is the pattern you can look for:

  • Most classes labeled “Youth” will be available for children ages 9 - 19

  • Any classes labeled “Adult” are available for anyone ages 18+

  • Any special topic classes that do not have both a youth and adult option are offered to students ages 15+

What level of class should my student be taking?

We have outlined what each class level is below. Overall, the level 2 classes will be a little more advanced than in previous years and if in doubt, we recommend having your student take the lower of the two levels you are considering. If you are uncertain, please feel free to reach out and we can help make a recommendation for your student.


What is Beginner Dance?

Beginner Dance is an introduction to dance for children ages 4 and 5. This class prepares them well for Beginner Ballet as they get older.


What is Beginner Tap/Beginner Ballet?

Beginner Tap and Beginner Ballet are age-based classes that help dancers ages 6-8 learn the fundamentals of Ballet and Tap to prepare them for the leveled classes as they get older. It is possible that some students in this age range will be better suited to the leveled classes, so if you think your student should be in a leveled class, please reach out to us.


What is Level 1 Tap/Ballet?

Level 1 classes are for brand new and novice students ages 9+ who are still solidifying fundamental technique and posture.


What is the difference between Beginner Tap/Beginner Ballet and Level 1 Tap/Level 1 Ballet?

The Beginner classes are targeted at students younger than 9 who may not be ready to focus through an hour long class or may not be as physically developed as older students. Level 1 classes are for beginner students ages 9+ and will cover some of the same things as the Beginner classes, but will move faster and cover a larger amount of material beyond the Beginner classes.


Is Level 2 Ballet/Tap the same as last semester?

No, the Level 2 classes are going to be slightly more advanced than last semester. Some students who were in Level 2 last semester may be better served by taking Level 1 classes to ensure a complete embodiment of fundamental technique, which will be key to their long term growth and health.


Is Level 3 Ballet/Tap the same as last semester?

Yes! If your student did well in the Level 3 classes last semester, then they will be similarly successful in Level 3 classes this semester.


What is a Quad Class?

A quad class is a class that only goes for half of the semester. These are primarily adult or acting classes and these classes will be labeled. The only location with quad classes this semester is Madrid. This semester, A Quad goes from August 29 - October 3, and B Quad goes from October 10 - November 21.

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