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We hope to address all questions you may have about some new changes to the dance program and scheduling for quad classes. Please let us know if you have any other questions:

What is the age range for each class?

When you look at the schedule you will see that Levels are not according to age but now have recommended study prerequisites. These are not absolute but are suggested. You may contact us directly with any questions about our classes.It is important to realize that dance levels are not set up like the grade levels in our academic school systems. Academic curriculums are typically designed to be mastered in just 2 semesters of education. Dance Level Curriculums are not designed in that same way. For example, Level 1 Ballet & Tap will be studied for 2-3 years before a measure of mastery has been accomplished. The student then moves on to Level 2 which also requires study for 2-3 years. It is the same for Beginner Ballet and Tap. 

This may help you understand the process for determining which class is appropriate for your student. Average ages are suggested on the bottom of the schedule, but again, those are not concrete. For instance, a 14 year old with only one year of training might consider Beginning or Level 1. Again, contact us with any questions regarding your particular student. We are glad to help!


What is Beginner Dance?

Beginner Dance is an introduction to dance for children ages 4 and 5. This class prepares them well for Beginner Ballet as they get older.


What is Beginner Tap/Beginner Ballet?

Beginner Tap and Beginner Ballet are age-based classes that help dancers ages 6-8 learn the fundamentals of Ballet and Tap to prepare them for the leveled classes as they get older. It is possible that some students in this age range will be better suited to the leveled classes, so if you think your student should be in a leveled class, please reach out to us.

Level 1
We recommended that a student has 2-3 years of study before entering Level 1 classes.

Level 2
We recommended that a student has 4-6 years of study before entering Level 2 classes.

Level 3
We recommend that a student has 7+ years of study before entering Level 3 classes.

How much will participation in the recital cost? 
Costs are minimal. We work to keep costs down so people can readily participate. Simple pieces added to the standard class uniform (a scarf, T-shirt, or skirt/pants) are an inexpensive way to create a uniform.

How does the cost of the classes work?
30 minute class = $6.00 per class = $72.00 per semester
45 minute class = $8.25 per class = $99.00 per semester
60 minute class = $11.00 per class = $132.00 per semester
90 minute class = $15.00 per class = $180.00 per semester

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